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Infant in the nursery of KC Childcare Center and Preschool
Infant Care
Our nursery can accommodate up to 8 children ages 8 weeks - 14 months. Our little ones are stimulated with music, reading, one-on-one floor time with their caregivers, and outdoor time including stroller rides and swinging. Parents supply food, prepared bottles, diapers and wipes.
Toddler in the toddler class at KC Childcare Center and Preschool
Children ages 14 months - 2 1/2 years: Experiences include singing, reading, art, sensory, large and small motor activities, and outdoor play. The Highscope curriculum is introduced. Lunches, diapers and wipes are to be brought from home. We provide morning and afternoon snacks. Parents provide lunch, diapers and wipes. Written report sheets are sent home daily for each child.
Junior Preschool students painting at KC Childcare Center and Preschool
Senior Preschool student learning about science at KC Childcare Center and Preschool
School age students playing outside at KC Childcare Center and Preschool
Junior Preschool
This class is open to children 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years and toilet trained. It is a transitional class that focuses on independence, self-help skills, and social skills. Activities are planned according to the children's interests and a daily routine is followed. KC will provide AM and PM snacks and parents will provide lunches. 
Pre-Kindergarten Program
 Ages 3 1/2 and 5 years: We use the nationally renowned Highscope curriculum which stresses hands-on learning based on the children's interests. Each day the children plan what they will do during "work time" then review what they did through teacher discussions.  We focus on teaching children the social and emotional skills that will make them successful in kindergarten. Key experiences are reading, writing, sensory exploration, math, science and art.  In the classroom you will find a variety of materials which are changed frequently according to themes and interests. 


School Age Program
Student's  and parent's work schedules do not always align so we offer a flexible schedule to fill the gap for those hours your student needs care.  We provide a fun and safe environment for homework, free-choice activities or just to relax for students in K - 5th grade.


Summercamp activities offered by KC Childcare and Preschool
Summer Camp Program
Summer camp operates Monday - Friday during the months of June, July and August for children ages 6-12. Our program is unique and designed for students looking for a summer of fun including walking field trips to the public library several days a week, plus various other planned trips, individual and group activities, as well as creative experiences. Download the summer camp form from our enrollment page to find out more details.


KC Childcare preschool curriculum information about Great Start to Quality

​K​C C​hil​d​ Car​e &      Pr​e​s​c​h​ool​

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